For as long as I
can remember, I’ve always been a writer. From winning high school creative
writing competitions to producing educational academic papers and practical
materials; I’m now finally writing for myself and others who share topics of
interest that ignite my soul.

Now in my mid-life,
I’ve committed to my passions in animal rights advocacy, veganism, vegan
leadership, and feminine empowerment. I write to make people laugh, cry, smile,
gasp, ponder, and every emotion in between. Making people feel is my greatest

The solitude of writing suits me to the core. I’m half-human and
half-cheetah; a lone warrior who can walk and live in a pack, but am at my best
in my aloneness. This is where I create stories that plant seeds of change in
people’s hearts and minds – to end animal suffering and exploitation.

 I’m a Kiwi, a
native of the beautiful wee island; Aotearoa, New Zealand. A mother of adult sons
and an adult educator by day. I adore nature walks, dog-walking, reading
(especially historical fiction and memoir), yoga, cocktails, and tea. When I’m
not indulging in one of these activities, I’m writing! Life’s good. Long may
the creation continue.