Through her writing, Suli Autagavaia is an inspiring voice for animal liberation. Her deeply-rooted connection with animals has inspired her advocacy for their rights, which is demonstrated within her books.

Her works, ‘Animal Voices’ and ‘A Silent Knowing,’ beautifully demonstrates her commitment to helping us see animals as sentient beings rather than objects, by drawing our attention to the mental and emotional lives of animals. Her books are a great way to introduce compassion and empathy, while inspiring those of all ages to make more humane choices.

  • Beautifully crafted letters of misery but also of hope and love. Heartbreaking but inspiring. From them to us. From us to them. We have to take action to make their voice heard. Hopefully this books helps to create more activists, more the bold ones who care. IRX. Animal Voices

  • What a treat. You captured the voice of Black so very well and created very relatable characters. Your book dealt boldly with a difficult subject in a way that helped us empathize but also experience a sense of optimism that there is support to reach out to and caring and compassionate people around us. Thank you Suli for giving us this wonderful book. DENISE. A Silent Knowing. 

  • What a great book! This book is of tremendous value and needs to be available to therapists, as well as others where understanding of this toxic
    environment is needed. Many thanks. JUDY. A Silent Knowing.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a writer. From winning high school creative writing competitions to producing educational academic papers and practical materials, I’m now finally writing for myself and others who share topics of interest that ignite my soul.

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