I love and admire Animal Rights Activists (ARA) and I wrote my book Animal Voices in their honour. One such ARA is the brave compassionate author, M. C Ronen (aka Maya).

Maya’s book Liberation is a riveting story about an activist, Sunny, who rescues and liberates slaves from abusive environments with her activist friends. We travel along with them on their rescue missions from preparations, delivery and post rescue dramas. I was on the missions too as I felt all the emotions of wanting something so badly, it ached. The pages kept turning as the suspense of Sunny and her friend’s experiences were mine too. Their heartaches and victories were shared throughout the book.

Sunny and the freedom fighters represents ARA around the world who agitate to free abused and exploited animals in all contexts from home, farm, fighting rings, rodeo and racing to science experiments. The slaves, Sunny and her activist friends seek to liberate are the voiceless. Because Animals Matter and as Sunny says, “it’s the right thing to ado.”
Thank you Maya for the exciting ride as the band of activists navigate love, friendships, mistrust, covert operations, death and slavery. I highly recommend Liberation as an insight into the world of systemic Animal abuse and Animal Rights Activism. The author states that “this is a work of fiction or is it?” You decide.

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