Hope admist the Australian bushfires

Since November 2019, the bushfires of Australia have wiped out many animal populations, estimated at over a billion birds, mammals and reptiles have perished during these fires.

Increasing numbers of native animals are facing extinction due to drought, heatwaves and bushfires. Heatwaves are becoming a common phenomenon. In 2018, a third of Spectacled Flying Foxes dropped dead out of trees in Queensland and became an endangered species in just one day of heatwave. Yet, long before these recent bushfires; habitat loss, development and climate change had affected the livelihood of Australia’s wildlife including Koalas who have now lost up to 30% of their habitat in NSW alone.

Protecting Australian native species must be a priority as many threatened species have taken a huge hit in the recent fires, drought and heatwaves. Allowing time and resources for wildlife species to recover and ensuring their habitats are conserved, will go a long way to replenishing the rich wildlife and ecosystems of Australia. If and when the numerous bird species return to the fire ravaged areas, there has to be a habitat for them so it is imperative to conserve their habitats and get it back to health.

This recent bushfire disaster is a wakeup call for the government and everybody to actively recover species and conserve habitats. Because Animals Matter , moreover, the planet that we share must be protected and nurtured for ALL species.
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