One word – Hope. ‘Golden Age Politics’ by Kathy Divine, gives us Hope for the future – a better future for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. But what is this Hope based on? The author provides a Golden Age political perspective where politics encompasses an engaged and informed public, questioning and choosing political representatives who demonstrate ethical, responsible and compassionate decision-making across their portfolios.

The presentation of arguments and supporting evidence is balanced. On the one hand, the current man-made problems as caused by a human disconnect from the natural world and capitalism on steroids, and on the other, the practical innovative solutions to counter the resulting havoc.

There are so many nuggets of gold throughout this book, too many to name here but one which touched my political heart is the reference to the Feminine, the Vegan woman leading the way. Hallelujah! Chapter.4. affirms the desperate need for wise peace-loving Vegan women to fix the toxic patriarchal global political systems. Through the stories of the female Vegans profiled in this chapter, we learn how they are making a difference in the world now and into the future. The Feminine at the helm is politics dipped in beauty – the beauty of Peace for all beings on Earth.

The author shows us what a better future could look like and how to achieve it. I highly recommend ‘Golden Age Politics’ to those who yearn for a better world for our future generations and the planet we share. Moreover, to those who think they have nothing to contribute – yes you do, read this book and you will find the courage and conviction to share your ideas, talents and your voice for the improvement of local, national and global politics. as the author suggests, the future is ethical, responsible and compassionate leadership.

This is a truly inspirational and aspirational book. Feeling Hopeful.

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