COVID-19 and animals

Earlier this month, the New Zealand Veterinary Association published information regarding the safeguards veterinary workplaces were putting into place to protect its workers and clients. It also addressed the issue of pets and possible Covid-19 cross-infection.

The news that a Pomeranian in Hong Kong may have been infected by its Coronavirus infected owner, raised the stress levels of every pet owner globally. Could it be passed onto our pets? At the time of writing, the aforementioned Pomeranian has not presented with any Coronavirus symptoms. Phew. Nevertheless, there are common-sense safeguards pet owners can implement to ensure our animals are safe. 

  • Wash your hands before and after touching an animal.
  • Avoid kissing your animals and them licking your face
  • Ensure all your animal’s vaccinations and health checks are current
  • Keep your animals away from anyone confirmed or suspected of having Coronavirus
  • Avoid contact with your animals if you are or may be infected with Coronavirus

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