A way forward for Coronavirus

At the end of December 2019, the Chinese government announced the outbreak of a new virus in Wuhan, originating from a Wuhan food market where those inflicted with the virus came into contact with live animals in that market. Coronavirus is a respiratory virus which mostly affects animals but is now affecting humans. Now, the virus is not only spread from animal to human but from human to human. Since the Chinese government’s announcement, Coronavirus has spread across densely populated China and worldwide through travel and trade.

It is alleged that the virus has come from bats that hosts a number of other viruses. The WHO is encouraging people to avoid live wild animals as a way of reducing the risk of catching the virus. It is imperative that live animal markets like the one at Wuhan, be banned. All animals including live seafood. These animals carry viruses which can potentially jump to humans and infect human cells. The combination of a crowded market place and densely packed live animals provide a perfect opportunity for this to occur.

Stop selling, buying and eating live domestic and wild animals now. It is too risky and dangerous for human health in China and around the world. If China leads the way in a national live animal market ban, other countries would follow. Coronavirus has weakened China on every level and its effect has rippled out into the world. A clean healthy China is what the world needs now. Do it China. Because you can. Be a world leader on this issue, moreover, illegal wildlife trafficking. Make it stop China. The time is right.

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