A Book Launch For Women By Women

A Silent Knowing launched with a blast! My heart exploded numerous times! The combination of heart-centered women; yummy homemade food; refreshing water, wine, and fruit juices; a beachfront setting, and of course, the book gem produced a fun heartfelt afternoon.

Despite my deep dislike for public speaking, I did it – because animal suffering is so much more important than my little fears. Below are two extracts from my launch speech.

“Kia Ora! I’m Suli, author of A Silent Knowing and a member of the Te Wahi Ora Circle of Trustees, aka the sisterhood! Thank you all for coming today in support of me -  an author on purpose and Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat, a tranquil seaside sanctuary for women, by women. Welcome everyone to this most wonderful place.”

“As a female animal rights advocate, it’s my mission to raise awareness of pet abuse in family violence. Living in a domestic violence environment is as emotionally damaging for a child as it is for an animal. Like a child, an animal exhibits fearful behaviors such as acting out; escaping; hiding under the bed; nervousness; incontinence; hypervigilance; staying close to the victim; being aggressive to the perpetrator, and depression. Whether the direct target of abuse or a witness to loved ones being abused; animals are also victims in this violent environment. It’s my mission to shine a light on a treacherous societal secret.       A Silent Knowing is my purpose in action. My activism. Because the safety and well-being of women and their pets matter.”

For every book sale at the launch, 50% was donated to Te Wahi Ora Women’s Retreat and our sales expectations were achieved and more! The funds raised helped pay-forward at-risk women's access to the Women’s Retreat. A Silent Knowing did this – opening hearts and minds to the plight of women and their pets. May the work of Te Wahi Ora continue to provide a safe, tranquil sanctuary for women.

It was a Book Launch on purpose that I will never forget.  


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